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Loansome Doc Services

Loansome Doc is the National Library of Medicine's document ordering service offered through PubMed. It allows you to tag the articles you want to order as you review citations from a search done on PubMED. You then select to have this information routed to the Dana Medical Library. If the Dana Medical Library owns the material you want, our staff will copy the article and send it to you. If we do not have the article in our collection, and you have indicated that Dana should obtain the article from another library, we will automatically transfer your request. The lending library will copy the article and send it back to Dana. We will then send the article to you via the indicated delivery option.

Please note that Loansome Doc only provides for the delivery of articles, not books. For book loans please contact us for more information, or contact your local library for interlibrary loan options.

An account requires an agreement for document delivery services with a partnering library, in this case, the Dana Medical Library at the University of Vermont. Fees will apply depending on your affiliation with the Dana Medical Library and the method needed to retrieve and deliver the article. Some articles may be available onsite, and require copying, faxing or email delivery (Dana Article Retrieval Service). Other articles may need to be borrowed for you from another lending library (ILL).

Loansome Doc Fee Schedule

All UVM and University of Vermont Medical Center employees and students and Health Research Associates are eligible for Loansome Doc with no registration fee charged. Other individuals requiring article delivery services will be charged a $35.00 registration fee for the Loansome Doc service that will entitle them to request articles and be billed at the Health Research Associate rate.

Fees are dependent on your affiliation.

  Dana Article
Retrieval Service
Fax Surcharge ILL
UVM/University of Vermont Medical Center no charge N/A no charge
Health Research Associates $15.00 $3.00 $15.00 min.

Rush requests may incur a fee. You will be contacted before being charged.

Setting Up a Loansome Doc Account

There are two steps to complete before using the Loansome Doc order feature in PubMed. First, you must complete an application/agreement form with the Dana Medical Library. This includes a copyright agreement, billing information, etc. After your application has been received and reviewed someone from Dana Library will contact you to provide you with a "library code" that you will use to complete the second step.

The second step is to register for a Loansome Doc account at the National Library of Medicine's site: setting up a login and password, using the "library code" received in step one to select the library that has agreed to provide articles, indicating how you wish to receive your articles, and other pertinent information.

When these two steps are completed, you will be able to search PubMed, select and order articles quickly utilizing Loansome Doc.

  1. Application/Agreement form with the Dana Medical Library.
  2. Loansome Doc registration form with the National Library of Medicine.


Contact Alice Stokes at the Dana Medical Library for questions relating to a library account or application form, at 656-4386, You can find more information about Loansome Doc at the following site:

Application/Agreement Form

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