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Connecting from Off Campus

General How To

  1. Click on the green Connect Off Campus on the Dana Library web page.
  2. Use your UVM NetID account to log in. When you have logged in successfully, you will be returned to the Dana Library page (video).
  3. You can now click on Dana website links to access databases, journals, and e-books.

Other Options

UVM Cisco AnyConnect VPN:UVM offers several VPN options, which work differently for library resources. See below for details. Client software must be installed once and run each time. Learn more about VPN at UVM or VPN Access for Students.

  • The best way to use the VPN to access library resources is to enter in Cisco AnyConnect's Ready to Connect box. This will assign you a UVM IP address and you should be able to access everything as if you were still on campus.
  • If you use one of UVM's other VPN options (such as, you will need to access library resources through the library's website just as if you weren't using a VPN at all. You will then be logged into the proxy automatically when needed, and won't have to type your netID and password again.

UVM COMIS Remote Desktop: Links to databases and online journals from a browser in the UVM College of Medicine Remote Desktop will work like they do from an on-campus computer.

VIC Portal and COMET: Links in VIC Portal and in COMET to journal articles, databases, and online journals integrated into VIC Portal/COMET courses will allow access from off campus. Links to databases and journals are also available through the Dana Medical Library module.

PRISM: Some databases, like UpToDate, are integrated into UVM Medical Center PRISM system. Others can be accessed through a Dana Medical Library link in the pull-down menu.

UVM Medical Center Gateway: Links to databases and online journals from an Internet Explorer browser in the Gateway will work like they do from an on-campus computer.

Common Questions

What is my UVM NetID or password?

Consult this NetID guide to find your NetID, set your password, and reset a forgotten password.

What are my VIC Portal, COMET, or COMIS credentials?

Contact the COMIS help desk at (802) 656-7300 to reset a password, or get answers to other VIC Portal, COMET, or COMIS network questions.

I'm in VIC Portal/COMET. Where is the Dana Medical Library module?

If the UVM - Dana Medical Library module does not appear on your VIC Portal/COMET home page you can click on Add Module on the upper left. Enter "Dana" in the search box on the left and click Go. Click the Add button under the UVM - Dana Medical Library entry. Return to your VIC Portal/COMET home page to see that the module has been added.

How do I get access to the UVM Medical Center Gateway and/or PRISM?

Check with the UVM Medical Center IS help desk at (802) 847-1414.

I'm at a UVM Medical Center computer. Am I on campus?

Employee computers at UVM Medical Center sites are in a kind of hybrid situation: you must use the proxy to access library services as if you were off campus, but will be logged in automatically. Links from will access the proxy as needed. You cannot simply Google for resources or use unproxied bookmarks.

Public or guest wireless networks at UVM Medical Center sites are considered to be off campus.